Tapping Sleeves




Fabricated Steel Split Tapping Sleeves
500 & 500E Epoxy Coated Finish


For pipe sizes for 6" through 30". Available with Flange size 3" through 12" AWWA class D.

* 1/2" Undersized cutter recommended for all tapping sleeves.


-Working Pressure 150 PSI-


500E-m500E Epoxy Coated Finish


Fabricated Steel Weld-On
500W Tapping Saddle

The economical method to provide lateral outlet on steel pipe. Available outlet flange sizes 3" through 16".


Fabricated Stainless Steel
500LS Tapping Saddle

Full Circle gasket, light weight stainless steel tapping saddle.
Outlet FNPT up to 6".

Available outlet flange sizes 3" through 10" AWWA class D for nominal pipe sizes 4" through 12" AC, DI, HPDE, IP and PVC pipe.